Stability Ball Training

DMZvisual-5552     The use of stability balls has increased significantly. Initially, stability balls were used primarily by individuals with low back problems in physical therapy clinics. However, stability balls are now more commonly used in orthopedic rehabilitation programs, with the physically active in fitness centers, in physical education classes and with special needs populations and the elderly. Many fitness and ...

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5 Ways to Spot a Fad Diet

 FAdDiet-BAd-DietLots of today’s popular diets take advantage of our desire to drop weight quickly. Unfortunately, though, “quick-fix” diets don’t work.

Here are 5 clues that a diet may be more about empty promises than real results:

  1. The diet is based on drastically cutting back calories. Starvation-type diets that require the body to fast often promise quick ...
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General Training Principal #4: Variation

DMZvisual-5014Variation refers to the manipulation of specific training variables such as volume, intensity, exercise selection, frequency of training, rest interval and speed of movement. The application of appropriate training variation is essential when one is attempting to ensure long-term adaptation.

The best way to apply training variation is through use of the principals of periodization, which refers ...

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General Training Principals: 3. Specificity

PowerClean     The principal of Specificity is a foundational aspect of every effective training program. Specificity of training refers to training in a specific way to produce a targeting change or end result. You can target specific muscle groups, energy systems, movement velocities, movement patterns or specific muscle action types. For example, if you want to strengthen your ...

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General Weight Training Principals: 2. Progression

pushup guysRegardless of how effective a training program is, it should not continue indefinitely without modification. As you adapt to the training plan, the training stress or intensity must be altered to continue to induce positive adaptations. The process of altering training stress as you adapt is called progressive overload. The stress is changed as you ...

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Amazing Weight Loss Program

FOF-PostCardThe Freedom of Fitness Program is consists of three main categories: Nutrition, Resistance Training and Aerobic Activity. Below, I have laid out some general guidelines that we promote in our program:


  • Eat 4-6 times a day.
  • Eat foods you can see in nature, most of the time.
  • Minimize saturated and other harmful fats like butter, gravies, fatty meats.
  • Avoid or minimize “empty calories” like alcohol, ...
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How to Journal Your Foods

journal     If you are about to make changes in your diet, I strongly encourage you to journal your foods, on a daily basis. Journaling is an important tool for supporting this lifestyle change, as it brings you to a place of focus and learning about your current eating behavior and patterns.

As you make positive changes, the journal provides a way to monitor progress, as you strive to improve your habits. You ...

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I Love Bodybuilding

       I absolutely loved my experience as an I.F.B.B. Pro Bodybuilder,  regardless of politics, subjective guidelines, lack of prize money, and all! 

     After all, competitive bodybuilding was my “passion”, back in the day, so it was fun to train at Gold’s Gym, Venice, amongst the stars. It was a dream of mine to travel and I got to see parts of the world that I may ...

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Grocery Shopping Tips

GroceryCart* Avoid shopping when you are hungry. Eat something healthy, before you go.

• Make a shopping list before you go to the market and buy only the foods on your list.

• Select lean and white meats for their lower fat content instead of the high fat meats like certain cuts of red meat, bacon or sausage.

• All canned meats, like tuna, salmon, or chicken, should be canned in ...

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