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Want to stay fit and maintain a long-term healthy lifestyle? Try our lifestyle fitness program! Customized personal training for adults.

This level is for people who have exercise experience with resistance training, cardio-vascular exercise and are already eating healthy, most of the time. All of our programs are personalized.

FOF Resistance Training programs range from Total Body Workouts, three times a week to Split Routines that require 3-5 resistance training days, per week. We continue to assess movement patterns and adjust technique, as needed. Formal assessments (body composition, girth measurements, overhead squat assessments, etc…) are scheduled at regular intervals, over time. Whether your goal is muscular endurance, hypertrophy, strength or power, we can create personalized routines and progress you towards your goal, over time. The number of sets, repetitions, tempo, rest intervals and exercise choices will vary, based on training goal and training status (conditioning, any injuries, how you move, and exercise experience).

Balance, reactive training and SAQ (speed, agility, quickness) training may be incorporated into your personalized exercise program based on goal.

FOF Cardiovascular programs may be aerobic or anaerobic, at this stage, depending on your goal & level of conditioning. For anaerobic training (HITT, interval training), you should have a solid aerobic base. The minimum for cardiovascular health is 150 minutes of aerobic exercise per week. For anaerobic training, which is more intense, the minimum is 75 minutes per week.

FOF Nutrition Programs, at this level, continue to focus on nutrient dense foods and portion control. All programs are personalized. Meal timing will be part of this phase. In other words, when is the best time to consume the right foods, based on how your day unfolds, the nutrition goal and what time of day you choose to exercise. Nutrition goals may include; lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, enhancing athletic performance, gaining lean body mass, losing weight and/or overall health & stress reduction.

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