12-week Online Fat Loss Program

Training, Nutrition and Support

Designed for Lasting Results

“Its a Lifestyle not a Life Sentence”

As a nutritionist and certified personal trainer, I have seen many people struggle with fat loss and keeping it off.  Many dietary and exercise programs are too extreme and the deprivation is too severe. Often, there is very little variety when it comes to the food choices suggested. These are reasons to abandon a program and/or regain the weight lost.

Program Details

Body By Blackie offers a complete approach to fat loss. You will receive a nutrition plan, and three different cardiovascular and weight training programs, plus access to our excersize video library. Our food list is extensive, so you get to choose the foods you want to eat on your program and there are guidelines for portion control, included. Even though this is mostly an online program, you do have the option of scheduling consultations for personalized support, for an additional price. Think of this program as a lifestyle change, not “Die with a T”. Our philosophy is,

“It’s a lifestyle, not a life sentence”.

  • A Nutrition Plan based on your gender
    • Female : 1500 calories
    • Male: 2000 calories
  • 3-Month Weight Training Program
    • Month #1: Muscular endurance & core stabilization
    • Month #2: Strength endurance
    • Month #3: Hypertrophy
  • 3-Month Cardiovascular Programs
    • Month #1: Building a strong aerobic base
    • Month #2: Anaerobic training
    • Month #3: A combination of aerobic and anaerobic training


12-week Nutrition Plan

Get the support and information you need to take control of your nutrition.  This is not a diet, it’s a 3-month plan to overhaul your eating habits and get you on track for continued success.  Designed for both male and female nutritional needs, you’ll be setting yourself up for success.

12-Weeks for $149



12-week Exercise Plan

Broken down by month, increasing the difficulty and complexity as you get stronger. With step-by-step instructions, guides and access to our exercise video library, you’ll have what you need to train smarter, see results and maintain a fitness regimen without injury or burnout.

12-Weeks for $149


Nutrition & Exercise

Nutrition & Exercise – Complete Plan

We’ve combined both plans here for the complete package!

  • 1 half-hour kickstart session
  • Cookbook
  • Email Support*

12-Weeks for $225


Sandra Blackie
Certified Personal Trainer & Nutritionist
“One of my greatest joys is to see people get healthier, to help them exceed their expectations and actualize their goals, while having fun, exercising.”
I have 35 years of personal training and nutrition experience and have taught at three different schools, teaching the future personal trainers of California and Quebec, Canada. I am a retired I.F.B.B. professional bodybuilder with a B.A. in Recreation & Leisure Studies, a certified Sports Nutritionist and have numerous personal training certifications.  I am very passionate about helping men and women live at a healthy body weight to improve their quality of life.