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Established in Feb 2014, The Lean Machine has been helping people live healthier lives through feeding your body the proper nutrition it requires to be the best body it can be.

Welcome to your introduction into the wonderful world of having your meals prepped for you, no more thinking or wondering what you are going to eat, and no more cooking, and then no more cleaning up.  We take care of it all!  We cook all of our dishes with the freshest natural ingredients and make everything from scratch.  

Choose a menu that fits your needs:

 If you require specific portions of your macros then our mix and match menu is what you will order off. 

We offer a combo menu with set portions and ingredients that make ordering fast and easy.

We offer 4 side salads all with custom healthy signature dressings from scratch. 

If you eat organic we have a menu for that as well and finally we have the meal coin menu, which is a series of healthy snacks that you can only purchase with meal coins, which you receive as rewards for signing up for a commitment of minimum meals and a deposit. 

Where/When to place order:

Order Monday or Friday or both

Choose how many meals you would like for Sunday and or wed prep, pickup/delivery.

Order online through orderform on website(www.theleanmachineSD.com), through text(619-381-5468), or through email utilizing our custom order form that can be emailed to you upon request(theleanmachinemealprep@gmail.com).

Delivery or Pickup of Meals:

We have pickup/delivery twice a week, Sunday and Wednesday evenings, 6:30PM-10PM.  If you require a different day please let me know at time of order or at your earliest convenience. You have two options when it comes to picking up and the delivery of your meals.

    Option one is free pickup from our house in Clairemont right up the hill from World Gym off Balboa Ave. Pickup is available starting at 6pm.  Communication of arrival time is appreciated.

   Option two is delivery to your home or your gym, the meals need to be refrigerated as soon as possible, no longer than 1 hours from delivery is recommended for optimal freshness. 

For delivery there is a $5 fee within 5 miles of the intersection Genesee and Balboa ave.  and $0.75 charge per mile after that, delivery fee is directly dependent on distance of delivery. Please provide delivery address at time of order. If this is a good option for you I ask that you have some flexibility when it comes to the times you want your food delivered. Deliver times range from 5:30pm-9pm.

We start all deliveries directly after we finish packaging which varies from day to day depending on number of meals we are prepping/cooking/packaging/delivering, so I will give you an estimated time of when your food will be arriving.  If you know you want home delivery please text/email me with your address and the times u are usually home or available on Wednesday and Sunday evenings between 6:30pm-9:00pm.



Dana and Anthony Lero



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