It is important to know when to increase your load in resistance training.

An essential component of any resistance training program is the concept of progression. In other words, to move toward a predetermined goal, you have to increase load (weight), volume, frequency or create a change that will challenge you more.

Most individuals, who lift weights, know that the weight they start out lifting needs to get heavier over time. A simple method to increase the amount of weight you lift is to use the “2 for 2 rule”.

This method is based on the achievement of goal repetitions for a training session. It goes like this; if you can complete two more repetitions than the repetition goal in the final set of an exercise for two consecutive training sessions, the weight for that exercise, during subsequent training sessions, can be increased.

For example; If the goal is to do 3 sets of 10 repetitions and you do two sessions, ending with 12 repetitions on the last set with 135 lbs., it is time to move up to the next increment of weight.

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