HealthyVegetablesFor the best nutritional value;

a) Buy fresh vegetables in season. They cost less and are likely to be at their peak flavor. Visit your local Farmer’s Market.

b) Prepare fresh vegetables instead of canned or packaged to minimize sodium and sugar intake. Yes, they do put sugar in some canned vegetables. Read the labels. As a 2nd choice, frozen vegetables can be a reasonable option. Make sure that the ingredients are vegetables, only, not vegetables frozen with butter or sauce.

c) Buy vegetables that are pre-washed and easy to prepare, like bags of salad greens, baby carrots, or celery sticks, for quick snacks. Most commercial super markets have made pre-cut vegetable options in the refrigerated section, near the fresh produce. Some even have pre-made salads, available.

d) Learn to read the bar codes on the fresh produce you buy. There are 3 different codes to look for: a) Conventionally grown (contains pesticides): a 4 digit code, b) Organic: a 5 digit code that begins with “9”, and c) GMO: a 5 digit code that begins with “8”.