DeviThank you so much! I certainly will eat my carbs! I’m so excited for my next 30 days!!! I will be 44 on the 16th and I’ve never felt or looked better than I do right now! I feel SO BLESSED to have Googled you that Sunday! You have not only been an inspiration to me but, I value everything that you have taught me to the Trillionth & beyond! I will tell you this: the most valuable is my new relationship with my food attitude. I don’t know how you did it but, you made me see that I did have an “extreme” issue that had to stop…. Of course, I know that I do everything to the extreme however, I heard it differently from you and now I see that I can have a great relationship with food and exercise, so long as I use the right tools all of time and not go “extreme” on anything which then turns to “binge”…. I FINALLY FEEL FREE FROM FITNESS AND FOOD!!!!

I have to add that I have hired many trainers over the years trying to find someone who could show me what in the heck I was doing that wasn’t producing results for me like they should, and I ended up knowing more than they did about nutrition & exercise! Not one taught me proper form or technique (obviously) and yet you were able to spot several issues just from the way I picked up the weights and guide me through proper form and focus! I have never seen visual results in my muscle tone like this before in just the 90 days I’ve been following your “designer workout program”!!! That’s what I call them! I was an injury waiting to happen and now I’m in perfect form or I stop! I feel like the luckiest person in the gym and I owe it all to your expertise & knowledge! Thank you for being so informative and taking the time to care about my journey! You’re an awesome coach & you broke me of my bad behavior & form forever! THANK YOU!

[client_name]Devi Hansen[/client_name]