journal     If you are about to make changes in your diet, I strongly encourage you to journal your foods, on a daily basis. Journaling is an important tool for supporting this lifestyle change, as it brings you to a place of focus and learning about your current eating behavior and patterns.

As you make positive changes, the journal provides a way to monitor progress, as you strive to improve your habits. You will become more aware of your eating behaviors and be more accountable for your choices. Whether your goal is fat loss, muscle gain, improved energy, or for overall health, take the time to become present with what you are doing and the results you are creating.

I encourage you to record honestly and thoroughly. Be detail oriented. Include; the time you eat, the food you eat and the portions you choose.  It may be helpful to record your energy levels, how your digestion is responding, the exercise you did, and how your mood is that day, as well.

We don’t always eat because we are hungry. Often, social, cultural, and emotional situations will drive us to eat. This is appetite (emotional) not hunger (physical). Be aware of what “triggers” you to make unhealthy food choices.

If you are working with a personal trainer or dietician, journaling gives them information that they need to help you make decisions that will guide you towards your health & fitness goal.

Please remember that no one is perfect, all the time. If you deviate from your healthy path, record your deviations, and get back on track at your next meal or snack. Consistency is key!

Sandra Blackie, DBA: Freedom of Fitness