HealthyDessertWhen you are eating healthy or following a healthy meal plan, at some point, there will be the temptation to deviate. There are occasions where we celebrate life events with food. There may come a time when you decide that you want your favorite dessert. Sometimes we end up at someone’s house for dinner and the food is not how we usually eat.

Below is what I like to call, “My Treat Contract”. Follow these 4 steps and your “occasional treats” will not derail your whole diet and sabotage your goal or your health.

a) Give yourself permission to “treat” not “cheat” on your diet. This negates random eating. I like the word, “treat” instead of “cheat” because it has a more positive ring to it. Giving yourself permission also helps take away feeling of guilt, too.

b) Quantify and visualize exactly what your treat is and commit to only that amount. For example: I am giving myself permission to have one scoop of chocolate-peanut butter Ben & Jerry’s ice cream in a cup”. Since you are making an agreement with yourself, do not go back on your word and stick to that one scoop, only.

c) Enjoy your treat 100% guilt-free. After all, you did give yourself permission and chose a sensible portion.

d) Get back on track at your next meal, as it is listed on your program or simply make a healthy food choice. Getting back into a healthy eating groove is important. Just because you deviated a little, does not mean you’ve “blown it” and you should continue deviating from your healthier way of eating.  By getting back on track you continue to progress towards your goal.

Remember, “Food is one of the highest forms of self-care and movement is a gift!”  S. Blackie