HealthyDinnerPlateAs a personal trainer, many of our clients have a weight loss goal. Most trainers are not certified in the area  of nutrition prescription, however, it is the trainer’s job to provide education in the area of nutrition or refer the client to a qualified dietician. Here are some practical tips that can help your clients stay on track:

1) Choose positive language. Use more “Do’s” than “Don’ts”. For Example; DO eat more fruits and vegetables vs. DON’T forget to eat your fruits and vegetables.

2) Suggest that they fill half their plate with fruits and vegetables (more vegetables than fruit). Next, add the starches or grains, protein, and a small amount of plant fat. The total caloric intake of the meal will be less by doing this.

3) Have your clients include 20-30 grams of protein at breakfast, as it increases satiety. Athletes may need more.

4) Suggest drinking 2 eight ounce glasses of water before each meal.

5) Encourage your clients to put healthy, low calorie foods where they can see them. A bowl of fruit on the table is a better choice than candies in a bowl. We often eat what we see. Even in the refrigerator and cupboards, food can be arranged so that they see the healthier choices first. Of course, another option is to not bring some foods they may want to over eat into the house, at all. Out of sight, out of mind.

6) Have them go for a 15 minute walk after their main meals. By increasing movement, in their daily activities, they spend more calories. All movement supports weight loss, even if it is not a formal exercise session. Calories are burnt, based on heart beats spent. Spend more heart beats.

7) Eat without distraction. Did you know that we eat more when we are distracted? Here’s an example; action movies on TV cause us to snack more. Suggest that they eat at the table, instead.

8) Educate your clients on the health values of including approximately 30-35 grams of fiber each day. One statement that works every time is, “Fiber calories cannot covert to body fat.”

So here you go! Share these tips with your clients! Enjoy!  It’s a lifestyle, not a life sentence!

Sandra Blackie