Sandra Blackie on Fitness Radio

sandrablackienetOn Saturday, January 4, 2014, I was a guest of host, Dennis Mason, on  We talked about healthy eating, a diet that is sustainable, and some strategies for staying on track with healthy eating, into the New Year. Go to the “On Demand” section and you will find the interview archived. Give it a listen! Enjoy!

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Positive Self Talk

logowithnumber   Practice “positive self talk”. Whether your fitness goal is to lose weight, improve your health or improve your athletic performance, we all need to get back on track, if our progress is interrupted. If you have a piece of cake and your goal is weight loss, you are not a bad person because you made a poor food choice. All you can ...

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Post-competition – The Overlooked Phase of Competition

By  Sandra Blackie, B.A., N.A.S.N., A.F.A.A., I.F.B.B. Pro Bodybuilder,  3 x Ms. Olympia Contender

As a retired I.F.B.B. Professional  Bodybuilder, certified Sports Nutritionist, and Personal Trainer for the past 30 years,        I  have discovered that there are more than two seasons to building your competitive body.

All competitors can be better by living the lifestyle, year ‘round. There are three seasons for the competitive athlete: Off-season, Pre-contest and Post-competition.

As competitors, whether it is bikini, figure, physique, or bodybuilding, we all want to maximize ...

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Nutrition Tips – Good for Everyone!

  1. 1.  Drink half your body weight in ounces of pure water, every day. Hydration levels should be higher if you are overweight or increasing your activity level. Being dehydrated has a negative effect on performance, leads to decreased results and causes fatigue. Did you know that you absorb more of the nutrients from your food when you are well hydrated? Minimize all caloric beverages, including alcohol, in favor ...
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Welcome to My Blog!

Freedom of Fitness …..”It’s a lifestyle, not a life sentence!”

Welcome to my first Freedom of Fitness Blog post.  I will be posting fitness, bodybuilding, & nutrition tips, recipes, articles and special events.   I will provide useful information that will support you, as you work towards your personal health & fitness goals.   Join me on your fitness journey and let’s have fun, along the way! I appreciate your input & participation.

Sandra Blackie, ...

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