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Total Approach Fitness

Our coaching program includes an amazing nutrition plan, fitness program and support system, designed to get you fit and healthy!

Get Fit

New to working out? Kickstart your fitness with our introductory program!

Stay Fit

Want to stay fit and maintain a long-term healthy lifestyle? Try our lifestyle fitness program!

Elite Level/Body Building

Are you a current or aspiring body builder, athlete, or competitor? Check out our elite training program!

Outdoor Group Fitness

Do you prefer outdoor group classes? Our outdoor Group Fitness classes are perfect for you!

Virtual Training

Not a local but still want to train with us? Our virtual program allows you to get fit remotely no matter where you’re located!

How it Works

My home base and office is at The Gym in San Diego.  Many of my clients choose to train with me there.  It has all the equipment one would need and it has been my home gym for a long time. It is a motivation place for my fitness program.

That being said, it is not for everybody.  In addition to The Gym, I work with clients in the following places:

  • Outdoor training areas (like De Anza Cove)
  • Home or housing complex gyms
  • Office building fitness centers
  • Membership gyms where outside trainers are permitted

Traci Taylor

Fixed my bad habits

I have worked out regularly for years, taken group classes and even had some training. After spending time in the gym and training for Aerial Trapeze and Handstands I had developed a few bad habits trained specific areas an muscles...

Elizabeth Pacheco Fat Pants
Elizabeth Pacheco

New Ways of Staying Healthy

I would like to write and express my sincere appreciation for “Freedom of Fitness” at Pacific Beach, California. After having two kids and going back to school for my Bachelor my weight totally changed. I hated the way I looked...

weight training
Ken Bullock

A Positive Influence on Me and My Fitness Routine

Sandra Blackie and Freedom of Fitness are the BEST. Sandra has been providing personal training services to me for more than ten years. During that time she has been a positive influence on me and my fitness routine. She has a...

Coleen Troknya Graham

Most Knowledgeable

I’ve been a client of Sandra’s for over 10yrs. I met Sandra when I lived in San Diego but moved and continued working with her via phone consults. She is the most knowledgeable person I know in the health/fitness industry....

Anne Butera
Anne Butera

At My Wits End with Yo-Yo Diets

Sandra is wonderful! She has taught me so much about fitness and nutrition. I was at my wits end with the yo-yo diets and inconsistent gym routines. Sandra put it all together in a comprehensive easy to understand way that...

Devi Hansen

I’ve Never Looked or Felt Better

Thank you so much! I certainly will eat my carbs! I’m so excited for my next 30 days!!! I will be 44 on the 16th and I’ve never felt or looked better than I do right now! I feel SO...

Sue Ross Before & After
Sue Ross

Sandra Coaches the Body, Spirit and Mind

Sandra’s knowledge and experience in the fitness and bodybuilding field surpasses anyone I have known. I have known Sandra for more than 25 years and recently I asked her to take me from my present fitness level to doing my...