Exercise - PushupsOur programs are all personalized to fit your unique fitness needs. Program design is based on personal goals, current level of conditioning and past experience.  You will learn proper posture and technique and improve your range of motion. Proper movement patterns minimize injury and promote positive change. If you have an injury, be sure to let your trainer know.

We offer exercise programs for the following goals:

  • Changing body composition
  • Weight loss & weight gain
  • Increasing bone density
  • Enhancing athletic performance
  • Physique competition (bodybuilding, physique, figure, & bikini)

“We stimulate change when we exercise and our body builds and repairs at rest!”

– Sandra Blackie

Your personalized training program may include any or all of these components:

  • Level 1 - Novice

    This type of program is for the inexperienced, the athlete that is coming back after a long lay-off, and the individual who can only train 2-3 times per week with weights. Regardless of goal, this is a general conditioning program that should last four to six weeks. The individual should be focusing on proper posture, technique and range of motion. The weight increments should increase weekly, without sacrificing form.The program consists of one exercise for each major muscle group for a total body workout.

    • 2-3 sets per exercise
    • 10-15 repetitions per set
    • 2-3 sessions per week
    • Rest intervals are flexible
  • Level 2 - Intermediate

    This program format is for the athlete or individual who has done the general conditioning phase, someone who can train 3-4 times per week consistently, and has the desire to put on visual muscle, assuming that body fat is at moderate levels. All sets, after the Warm Up Sets, should be to “fatigue”, maintaining proper posture & technique, always.The program consists of:

    • 2-Day Split Routine (upper/lower, push/pull or front/back…)
    • 2-3 exercises for each major muscle group
    • 3-4 sets per exercise
    • 8-12 repetitions per set
    • 3-4 sessions per week
    • Rest Intervals: 45-60 seconds between sets
  • Level 3 - Advanced

    The weight training enthusiast should be training consistently, a minimum of 4 times per week. The aesthetic goal should be to increase fat-free mass. The assumption is that this level of athlete should have completed the Intermediate Level of training. This level would be a good choice for a Fitness Competitor. This program begins with a 3-Day Split routine and advances to a 4-Day Split. All sets, after the Warm Up Sets, are to complete “failure”. The program consists of:

    • 3-4 exercises per body part
    • 4 sets per exercise
    • 8-12 repetitions per set, possibly as high as 15 reps on legs
    • 4 times per week, minimum
    • Rest Intervals will range from 45 sec for small body parts to 75 sec for large body parts
  • Level 4 - Competitive

    This level is for the experienced lifter and the Competitive Body Builder / Fitness Competitor. The athlete is training, with weights, 5 times per week in the off-season, to gain overall mass and bring up lagging body parts. This is a 5-Day Split Routine. All sets, after warming up, are to failure and some methods to take the athlete beyond failure, will be incorporated.The program consists of:

    • 4-5 exercises per body part
    • 3-6 sets per body part
    • repetitions may range from 6-15
    • 5 times per week
    • Rest Intervals will vary depending on method chosen (i.e. forced reps, descending sets, etc..)
  • Pre-Contest Programs

    From the Competitive Level (off-season), the body builder will go from a 5-Day Split Routine, to a 4-Day Split, to a 3-Day Split, as the Body Building Competition approaches (Categories such as Physique, Figure & Bikini follow different training protocols). Rest Intervals will shorten and methods to increase vascularization, will be incorporated. These programs, and how to use them, should be discussed directly with your on-line trainer. As the event approaches, the competitor will need more. Contact us at Freedom of Fitness

The aerobic component is based on the client’s goal and level of conditionning. If the primary goal is to increase fat-free or lean body mass (muscle), the amount of cardio will be less than if the goal is weight loss.

Different modes include: running, swimming, biking, Eliptical or other machines, or a brisk walk, to name a few. Mode, frequency, intensity & duration are the variables that will change as you move towards your goal.

Stretching as part of warming up & cooling down is always recommended. Various forms of yoga can compliment the stetching you do at the beginning & end of your workouts. Sandra can also create a personalized stretching routine, just for you.

Most of our services are “one-on-one”, however, we do offer partner training (2 people per session) and small group fitness (3-4 people).

Training takes place at World Gym and Fitness, in Pacific Beach. We also offer personal training services in the home. Travel fees apply.