Fixed my bad habits

I have worked out regularly for years, taken group classes and even had some training. After spending time in the gym and training for Aerial Trapeze and Handstands I had developed a few bad habits trained specific areas an muscles that created an imbalance.

I started working with Sandra Blackie and knew right away it was a good fit. Not only could she adjust the major exercises but was able to see where I ...

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Most Knowledgeable

CatLiftingWeightsI’ve been a client of Sandra’s for over 10yrs. I met Sandra when I lived in San Diego but moved and continued working with her via phone consults. She is the most knowledgeable person I know in the health/fitness industry. She is always motivating me to strive harder in the fitness world as well as in life. Before I ...

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A Positive Influence on Me and My Fitness Routine

Ken Bullock Sandra Blackie and Freedom of Fitness are the BEST. Sandra has been providing personal training services to me for more than ten years. During that time she has been a positive influence on me and my fitness routine. She has a keen eye for ensuring proper training techniques and is able to explain and demonstrate those techniques in an understandable manner. ...

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Sandra Coaches the Body, Spirit and Mind

Sandra’s knowledge and experience in the fitness and bodybuilding field surpasses anyone I have known. I have known Sandra for more than 25 years and recently I asked her to take me from my present fitness level to doing my first BB competition in 25 years, in which I placed 2nd.

Last year I visited Sandra in San Diego and got to spend time with her and learn even more about nutrition and workout techniques. She corrected the way I walked, ...

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