10 Steps to Changing Your Eating Behavior

Cookbook1) Stop Dieting! Instead of going on some quick fix, fad diet to lose weight, create a calorie deficit by exercising more and making gradual, moderate dietary changes. The word, “diet” is not “die with a “T”! In the dictionary, the word “diet” means, “a way of eating. For example, the diet in Northern Canada is not ...

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Giving Yourself Permission to “Treat”

HealthyDessertWhen you are eating healthy or following a healthy meal plan, at some point, there will be the temptation to deviate. There are occasions where we celebrate life events with food. There may come a time when you decide that you want your favorite dessert. Sometimes we end up at someone’s house for dinner and the food is not how we usually eat.

Below is what I ...

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Don’t Make “Diet”, Die With a “T”.

EatBetterFeelBetterStop “diet mentality”.

Thinking about “going on a diet” also means that you can go “off the diet”. To many, “diet” does not mean “a lifestyle change”. The word brings up thoughts of restriction, deprivation, hunger, and not being able to eat what we want. It is usually a temporary solution and not sustainable or healthy, in the ...

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Is Your Salad Healthy?

HealthyStrawberrySaladMost people believe that having a salad is a healthy food choice. But, what are they putting in their salads? Is it a salad made of Iceberg lettuce with candied nuts, tons of whole milk cheese, croutons, fatty meats and tons of commercial dressing? Or is the salad mostly fresh vegetables, across a bed of dark greens, with a lean animal protein, ...

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On the Road Snacking Tips

Tupperware* Plan ahead. Buy non-perishable foods that you can carry, like the following: Cliff bars, bottled water, canned sugar free fruits, meal replacement packets, bran muffins, graham crackers, low-fat turkey jerky, rice cakes, canned tuna or chicken, wheat crackers.

• Buy a small ice chest so you can pack perishable items like yogurt, low-fat string cheese, fruit, cut up raw vegetables, or healthy sandwiches.

• Buy Tupperware and ...

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Shopping Tips

GroceryCart• Avoid shopping when you are hungry. Eat something before you go.

• Make a shopping list before you go to the market.

• Select lean and white meats for their lower fat content.

• All canned meats, like tuna or chicken, should be canned in water.

• Always choose skimmed or low-fat dairy products.

• Avoid all foods high in saturated fats, trans fats and partially hydrogenated fats. Choose unsaturated fats, ...

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The Benefits of Aerobic Exercise

CyclistsFat Burning

When you exercise aerobically, your body draws on fat as one of its energy sources. Fat burning enzymes are increased in your body and these enzymes are needed in order to get lean. Aerobic exercise builds your oxygen-processing capacity. Fat is burned only when there’s adequate oxygen around. However, if weight loss is the primary goal, creating a calorie deficit is more important than ...

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Body Composition

CaliperTestDefinition: The percentage of your body weight composed of fat compared to fat-free mass.

In our society, scale watching has become an American obsession. However, the scale can’t tell you how fat a person is, because both fat and muscle, as well as bone and water contribute to the total weight.

To determine a person’s body composition, there are several methods that can be used. Underwater ...

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